Sad day. We lost a good guy this past weekend. Chinx was not only a very talented and driven artist but he was also a very genuine person. Though he was a bigger artist than me, he always showed interest and respect towards my art. He never acted Hollywood or above anyone. My family hurts due to his loss. NY has once again lost one of it's brightest stars way too early due to unnecessary violence. We must shape up. We must stop killing each other. We are all kings. I am appreciative and fortunate to have spent some valuable time with Chinx during his 31 years on earth with us. I probably spent more time with Chinx outside of the studio than inside, but luckily we did have the opportunity to create some music together. At a time where Music Therapy is so necessary, I figured I'd share. I never imagined I would be saying this but R.I.P. Chinx & R.I.P. Stack!! Legends Never Die!! Long Live the Riot!!!

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