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Dane Lawrence was born on March 14, 1986 during what many consider to be the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Dane grew up in Amityville, New York, a small town on Long Island, where he was the youngest of four siblings. On a regular day, rap music blared throughout the house from radios as well as televisions showing the latest rap videos. Dane fell in love with Hip-Hop culture early in his childhood which was evident once he began partaking in DJ lessons at 5 years old.


Dealing with the common struggles of a single parent household, Dane used music as a crutch to escape. From time-to-time, Dane would jot down and recite his own lyrics. In rap Dane found hope, as many young black men found success from extremely humble beginnings. Dane figured if they made it, it was possible for him as well. From this point forward, Dane vowed to never struggle and though he had dreams of being a star, Dane knew an education was vital to his success and promise.


Dane was always academically inclined. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, landing a position as Senior Accountant with a billion dollar personal products corporation, to which he is currently employed. While attending USF Dane began to turn the corners as an artist, becoming more austere about his craft and pursuing his dream as a recording artist.


In 2013, Dane founded "Gourmet Everything", a culture and lifestyle brand focused on delivering the highest quality content in an effort to inspire and motivate people. According to Dane, “Gourmet is not about thinking we are better than others. Gourmet is about the realization that you too can be better and putting in that effort to be better; working and growing into being the best.” This corporation is laid to the idea that consistent work will lead to prominence. Dane Lawrence released his debut album Matchbox Dreams along with Long Island producer Brian Allonce December 2014 which was the first major release for Gourmet Everything. Dane follows up the cult classic Matchbox with The Gift EP available everywhere December 1, 2015.

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